Tesla Cybertruck demonstrates agility, acceleration in new video

Credit: u/P1ggy

The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted cruising California roads recently. More Cybertruck sightings will likely occur as production nears. 

Multiple people have shared videos and pictures of the Cybertruck out and about in California over the past few days. One electric vehicle advocate, The Kilowatts, followed a Cybertruck while on the road. 

Tesla’s Cyberpunk-inspired pickup truck appeared nimble and light on its “feet” despite its heavy appearance. The Cybertruck sped up as Kilowatts followed it, weaving in and out of street corners and turns. 

Elon Musk predicted the Cybertruck would be a better police cruiser than other Tesla cars since it was “designed for Bladerunner.” The recent video of the Cybertruck demonstrates how it would be a good police companion, especially during a chase. 

The Model 3 and Model Y have become popular cruisers over the past few years. Police departments find Tesla cars easy to modify for their on-the-job needs. 

A few hours before Kilowatts’ Cybertruck chase, the Cybertruck was spotted at a parking lot. A parked Cybertruck provided a better look at Tesla’s upcoming pickup. It did not sport the single mega-wiper, hinting at its prototype status. To this day, the Tesla community still doesn’t know if the mega-wiper will come standard with the Cybertruck. 

Tesla is expected to start light production on the Cybertruck in the second quarter of this year. More sightings of a Cybertruck pre-production Beta should come out as April approaches. 

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Tesla Cybertruck demonstrates agility, acceleration in new video
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