Tesla starts Cybertruck deliveries for non-employees

Credit: susu2142/Cybertruck Owners Club

Reports from the electric vehicle community suggest that Tesla has started delivering the Cybertruck to non-employees. With this, the number of customers driving around in a Cybertruck would likely increase in the coming months. 

An account of the Cybertruck’s delivery to the non-Tesla employee was shared in the Cybertruck Owners Club, with one of the forum’s users stating that he had received a call from the EV maker informing him that his all-electric pickup truck was ready for pickup. For context, the Tesla owner noted that he confirmed his Cybertruck order on December 9, 2023 and he received a VIN on January 10, 2024. 

The new Cybertruck owner took delivery of his all-electric pickup truck at Tesla Sunnyvale. Following the handover, the Cybertruck Owners Club member noted that he saw several other Cybertrucks being driven into the location, and a couple more were being prepared for customer delivery. With this in mind, it would appear that more customers — perhaps non-employees as well — will be picking up their Cybertrucks this weekend at Tesla Sunnyvale. 

After driving the Cybertruck for about 50 miles, the Tesla owner shared some observations about the vehicle. Build quality-wise, the Cybertruck unit was fair, as a few panels were misaligned if one were to look closely. The vehicle’s handling, acceleration, and steering, however, impressed the new Cybertruck owner greatly. Much praise was given to the Cybertruck’s tight turning radius, which is made possible by the vehicle’s four wheel steering system.

The Tesla owner also mentioned that the Cybertruck gets far too much attention from other drivers, which would likely be the case until the vehicle becomes a more common sight on the road. It would then be unsurprising if most Cybertruck owners end up tinting their all-electric pickup trucks’ windows so they can enjoy some privacy from interested drivers and pedestrians. 

Tesla’s Cybertruck ramp seems to be progressing very well. Just recently, Tesla started releasing VINs to non-employee customers. Aerial footage from the Gigafactory Texas site also hinted at a steady stream of Cybertrucks being produced at the facility. Perhaps 2024 could indeed end up becoming the year of the Tesla Cybertruck. 

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Tesla starts Cybertruck deliveries for non-employees
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