Tesla Cybertruck delivery event invites were sent out: Martin Viecha

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Tesla has sent out invites to winners of a raffle offering shareholders a chance to attend the Cybertruck delivery event in person.

After Tesla Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha said last week that drawing had been completed and a list of attendees had been finalized, the executive has now said in a post on X that all invites have been sent out. Viecha encouraged users to check their spam folders, and to consider inviting a fellow “TSLA community member” as the attendees’ plus ones.

The delivery event is set for November 30 at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and a few of the lucky winners have already made their presence known on X just under an hour after  the invites were sent out.

Additionally, you can see a screenshot of the Cybertruck delivery invite below.

Credit: Sawyer Merritt

Tesla said it held a random drawing for the event to help maximize fairness, and Viecha announced that attendees had been selected last Friday, adding that invites would go out “soon(ish).”

Over the weekend, we reported that Tesla Cybertruck buyers would be subject to a “no resale” policy for the first year following delivery, though the section detailing the policy was removed from Model 3 and Model Y order agreements by Tuesday.

In the past several days, huge batches of Cybertruck castings have been spotted at Tesla’s Giga Texas, as the company appears to be ramping up initial production ahead of the delivery event.

Update: Added a few posts on X sharing that individuals have received the invites, as well as the full screenshot of the invite.

Massive batches of Tesla Cybertruck castings spotted at Giga Texas

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Tesla Cybertruck delivery event invites were sent out: Martin Viecha
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