Tesla Cybertruck buyers will be subject to ‘no resale’ policy

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It appears Tesla Cybertruck buyers will be subject to a “no resale” policy within a certain time period, as some have spotted in recent buyers’ agreements for the company’s other vehicles.

As found in Tesla’s terms and conditions for some recent Model 3 and Model Y purchases, the automaker says Cybertruck buyers will be required to avoid selling the vehicle for up to a year following its delivery date. The clause has been spotted by multiple parties in the terms and conditions for other vehicle purchases, as listed under a section entitled “For Cybertruck Only.”

If Cybertruck owners wish to sell their vehicles within the first year following delivery, they must first notify Tesla in writing to gain an exception from the no-reseller policy, in which case they can sell it back to the automaker. If Tesla declines, then sellers may be able to receive written consent from the automaker to resell the Cybertruck to other third parties.

At worst, it appears that Tesla can refuse to sell the Cybertruck reseller other vehicles.

You can read the full Cybertruck reseller agreement below or in its recent terms and conditions agreement here.

For Cybertruck Only: You understand and acknowledge that the Cybertruck will first be released in limited quantity. You agree that you will not sell or otherwise attempt to sell the Vehicle within the first year following your Vehicle’s delivery date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you must sell the Vehicle within the first year following its delivery date for any unforeseen reason, and Tesla agrees that your reason warrants an exception to its no reseller policy, you agree to notify Tesla in writing and give Tesla reasonable time to purchase the Vehicle from you at its sole discretion and at the purchase price listed on your Final Price Sheet less $0.25/mile driven, reasonable wear and tear, and the cost to repair the Vehicle to Tesla’s Used Vehicle Cosmetic and Mechanical Standards.

If Tesla declines to purchase your Vehicle, you may then resell your Vehicle to a third party only after receiving written consent from Tesla. You agree that in the event you breach this provision, or Tesla has reasonable belief that you are about to breach this provision, Tesla may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of title of the Vehicle or demand liquidated damages from you in the amount of $50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater. Tesla may also refuse to sell you any future vehicles.

The news was shared on Reddit and Facebook on Saturday, and longtime Tesla observer Greggertruck pointed to the agreement’s validity in the Cybertruck Owners Club by linking to the Model 3 purchase agreement.

Earlier this week, Tesla Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha said that the company’s raffle for Cybertruck delivery event invites had been completed. The company said it performed a random drawing for the event instead of letting people simply sign up to attend in order to maximize fairness.

Viecha also said that delivery invites for the Cybertruck event, scheduled for November 30 at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, would be sent out “soon(ish,” though it’s not clear at the time of writing if anyone has received theirs just yet.

Although Tesla hasn’t shared them officially yet, some Cybertruck specs were leaked earlier this week, though it isn’t entirely clear if they’re valid at this point. Tesla still has yet to reveal the Cybertruck’s pricing.

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Tesla Cybertruck buyers will be subject to ‘no resale’ policy
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