Tesla Cybertruck have you feeling impatient? Design yours using this 3D Visualizer Tool

Credit: Cybertruck Owners Club 3D Cybertruck Visualizer

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in April 2020 that the Cybertruck would be fully customizable with wraps, the artist in all of us felt it and realized the possibilities. Before the announcement, the only option thought to be available for potential owners of the future all-electric pickup was limited to the default stainless steel look.

However, the Cybertruck Owners Club created the Tesla Cybertruck 3D Visualizer Tool. It is a free program that allows anyone interested to design the look of the Cybertruck, and it is a fun way to customize the future look of perhaps someone’s next car.

The Visualizer tool allows for Texture, Main Color, Shine, and Sticker customization. Seeing as Musk hinted that the truck could be wrapped in any pattern, there is an indication that some of the craziest and most unique designs could be seen. The Visualizer Tool could be the place where thousands of designs that will eventually be on the road are designed, especially considering all User Creations are kept on a database within the website.

The Cybertruck 3D Visualizer Tool goes past the color of the truck and allows people also to view different window tint levels and suspension heights. This portion of the Visualizer gives full reign to the designer, who will be allowed to see what they plan to do with their Cybertruck.

Another interesting point of customization has to do with the perspectives from either the driver’s or passenger’s seat, giving the optional white interior look a close-up view.

The Visualizer also has an Easter Egg that will be familiar to anyone who watched the vehicle’s unveiling event. It can be triggered by clicking on the windows of the Cybertruck.

While the Cybertruck’s design is arguably one of the most interesting in the automotive industry today, some were concerned if Tesla would adopt their five standard colors along with the stainless steel look to the pickup. When Musk dropped the bomb that wraps would be available, people went wild sharing with the Tesla CEO their designs.

The Cybertruck is set to be released next year toward the end of 2021, with the vehicle’s Dual and Tri-Motor variants first being produced at what will be the company’s most significant and newest Gigafactory. The Single Motor variant will be available in 2022, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to wait to see what their future truck will look like.

Visit the Cybertruck Owners Club’s Cybertruck Visualizer here.

Tesla Cybertruck have you feeling impatient? Design yours using this 3D Visualizer Tool
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