Tesla Cybertruck interior ambient lighting teased in new sighting

Credit: u/ThrowAwayBarista69/Reddit

Tesla has been very secretive about the Cybertruck’s details. Despite the generous number of Cybertrucks being spotted on public roads, and despite Elon Musk hinting that production candidates are now being produced, lots of details about the upcoming all-electric pickup truck remain unknown. 

Take, for example, the accents in the Cybertruck’s interior. During the vehicle’s unveiling back in late 2019, the Cybertruck prototype featured a futuristic and minimalist interior with six seats and a thin yoke steering wheel. Recent sightings of the Cybertruck suggest that the vehicle now only has five seats, and its steering yoke has become a bit more rounded. 

And as per recent photos that were shared on the r/Cybertruck subreddit, it would appear that the all-electric pickup truck will feature interior ambient lighting. As could be seen in the images, the Cybertruck’s cabin features what appears to be a colored light strip that spans the dashboard. Other images taken of the truck hinted that the colored light strip extends to the rear seats.

Spotted at Austin Raising Canes
by u/ThrowAwayBarista69 in cybertruck

Tesla enthusiast u/ThrowAwayBarista69, who posted the photos online, noted in a later comment that the Cybertruck looked incredibly large in person, with its lowest point seemingly being taller than five feet. Of course, this could simply be due to the vehicle’s suspension, which appeared to be maxed out, but it bodes well for the Cybertruck’s presence on the road nonetheless. 

Other EV advocates also observed that the build quality of the Cybertruck in the photos is quite satisfactory. This suggests that Giga Texas is hitting its rhythm in the production of the all-electric pickup truck. Interestingly enough, a leaked email from Elon Musk highlighted Tesla’s focus on the Cybertruck’s build quality and precision, with the CEO noting that all parts of the vehicle must be designed and built to “sub 10 micron accuracy.”

While Tesla has not announced the official delivery date of the Cybertruck, the electric vehicle maker has launched a new referral prize that’s related to the all-electric pickup truck. For 30,000 referral points, users could secure an invitation to the upcoming Cybertruck delivery event, which will be held in Austin, Texas. The invitation is good for the user as well as one guest. 

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Tesla Cybertruck interior ambient lighting teased in new sighting
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