Tesla rolls out Cybertruck delivery event invites through referral program

(Credit: Tesla)

If Tesla’s updates to its referral program are any indication, it would appear that the Tesla Cybertruck’s official delivery event is coming soon. The Cybertruck is arguably the most highly-anticipated vehicle from Tesla so far, with CEO Elon Musk noting that it is likely the company’s “best product ever.” 

As could be seen in Tesla’s description for the referral award, using 30,000 referral credits would provide users with an invite to the Cybertruck’s upcoming delivery event in Austin, Texas. Those who redeem the reward are allowed to bring one guest to the Cybertruck’s delivery event. 

Following is the description of the referral award, as per Tesla. 

“Redeem referral credits for an invitation to the upcoming Cybertruck Delivery Event in Austin, Texas. Invites are first come, first served, and are valid for you and one friend. Travel and accommodation are not included. If you miss your chance to claim, check back later — additional tickets will be released as the event approaches. 

“Limit one per Tesla Account. Must be 18 years or order to redeem. All attendees must pass security screening for admittance and are subject to event terms and conditions. Event date to be announced.” 

Considering the 30,000 referral credits that are required for an invite to the Cybertruck delivery event, it would appear that users who secure three vehicle referrals would be able to secure an invitation. This makes the event quite attainable for regular Tesla owners, and not just EV influencers who have a generally stronger online presence.

The fact that a referral program for the Cybertruck delivery event has been launched bodes well for the upcoming release of the all-electric pickup truck. Over the past weeks, sightings of the Cybertruck have increased across the United States, and more recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted on X that he had driven a production candidate of the vehicle. Musk, however, has noted that the vehicle’s specs, pricing, and delivery date will be announced when Tesla is ready

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Tesla rolls out Cybertruck delivery event invites through referral program
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