Tesla Cybertruck sighings hint that initial production is ramping

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While Tesla has not yet announced when the first customer deliveries of the Cybertruck will be held, one thing seems sure — the initial production of the all-electric pickup truck is definitely ramping up. Considering the volume of Cybertruck sightings across the United States and abroad, it appears that Tesla is getting more and more used to producing the highly-anticipated all-electric pickup truck. 

Following Tesla’s unveiling of the Cybertruck back in late 2019, sightings of the all-electric pickup truck have been scarce, so much so that skeptics were claiming that such a ridiculous vehicle would not be produced. Tesla, however, has maintained that Cybertruck production would be underway once Giga Texas is ready. 

This definitely seems to be the case today. Over the past weeks, reports of Cybertruck sightings have increased by a notable degree, and in several locations too. Initially, Cybertruck sightings were only reported in the United States, but as the vehicle was winter tested in New Zealand, EV watchers later observed that around five units of the all-electric pickup truck were brought to the facility. 

Over in the US, Cybertruck sightings have practically become commonplace, and the public’s reactions to the vehicle have not been disappointing at all. Things have only become a lot more exciting in recent days as not just one or two Cybertrucks have been reported online, but whole truckloads of the upcoming vehicles. 

Tesla watchers, such as @ogre_codes, who has taken it upon himself to tally the sightings of the all-electric pickup, estimated that about 45 units of the all-electric pickup truck had been spotted as of late. The Tesla watcher estimated that Tesla may already be producing about five or more units of the all-electric pickup truck per day, considering the volume of vehicles being spotted today. 

Of course, the Cybertruck is still far from being fully ramped. It would not be surprising if the vehicle experiences hiccups during its production ramp, either. Despite this, the growing number of Cybertrucks being spotted on public roads and around Tesla’s facilities across the United States is impressive. General Motors, after all, only sold 47 GMC Hummer EV units in the second quarter of 2023, despite the vehicle starting its deliveries starting in late 2021. 

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Tesla Cybertruck sighings hint that initial production is ramping
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