Tesla Cybertruck "Cybunker"

Tesla Cybertruck gets a “Cybunker” garage as off-grid shelter

The Cybunker's 600 square-foot garage can store the Cybertruck and a Model S comfortably. (Credit: LARS BÜRO)

New York-based design company LARS BÜRO has created a Tesla Cybertruck-inspired building that serves numerous uses, including solar-powered storage for Tesla’s new pickup truck.

The design firm imagines a modular living space that can double as an apartment, storage facility, or commercial space that can be placed off-the-grid or attached to any residential. “Whether sited on the most remote location, or as a man cave in a suburban lot, Cybunker guarantees a versatile and futureproof system that can be deployed to withstand the toughest demands,” notes the website for LARS BÜRO.

Along with its relatively spacious living area, two folding doors offer an additional 600 square feet of space for vehicle and equipment storage outside of a standard garage. Built of durable steel and armored glass, the Cybunker is inspired by the same strength and resilience as the Tesla Cybertruck. The building can be utilized in any type of environment and offers “maximally protective” features with panoramic views through lateral windows.

In a post on the company’s LinkedIn page, LARS BÜRO indicates “Cybunker” was inspired particularly by the news that the Cybertruck would not fit in traditional 20x20x20 garages. After deciding against a petition that would request a 16″ chassis trim, the company decided to design a garage that was capable of housing the massive truck that Tesla unveiled in November.

After Tesla enthusiast Tesla Raj posted a video featuring an augmented reality app that is capable of rendering the Cybertruck’s dimensions in any area, the 231.8-inch pickup was found to be too large for his house’s garage. The video caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who noted the width and length of the truck could be reduced without having to take away any cabin space or utility features that the size of the pickup contributes to. “We can prob reduce width by an inch & maybe reduce length by 6+ inches without losing on utility or aesthetics. Min height is below 75 inches when air suspension set to low. Will post exact number soon,” Musk said.

Tesla Cybertruck gets a “Cybunker” garage as off-grid shelter
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