Elon Musk had no clue Tesla and McDonald’s were launching this

Credit: Tesla Weibo via Sawyer Merritt

Elon Musk had no clue Tesla and McDonald’s were launching a “Cyber Spoon” in China, a $4 Cybertruck-inspired eating utensil that is being promoted as a way to eat a McFlurry.

According to Tesla’s official Weibo account in China, the automaker and fast-food joint are linking up for 50,000 units of the Cyber Spoon, which is apparently a way to eat various McDonald’s food items with a utensil that has gotten its design from the company’s all-electric pickup.

Credit: Tesla Weibo via Sawyer Merritt

Musk had no idea that Tesla and McDonald’s were teaming up for the Cyber Spoon, and when notable Tesla fan Sawyer Merritt shared the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Tesla CEO denied that it was even real.

“Fake news afaik,” using the acronym for “as far as I know,” Musk denied any prior knowledge of the Cyber Spoon.

But Merritt told Musk about the fact that Tesla’s official social media accounts in China were promoting the collaboration between his company and McDonalds and that a Cybertruck-inspired spoon would be sold for $4 and only 50,000 would be made.

McDonald’s social media accounts in China also started to promote the Cyber Spoon:

The official images put up by both Tesla and McDonald’s in the Chinese market were enough for Musk to admit that even he would want a Cyber Spoon:

“In that case, I will definitely have some!” he replied.

Tesla has certainly made the Cybertruck a focus when it comes to merchandise and accessories across its Shop lineup. Most recently, Tesla launched a Cybertruck-inspired scratch pad for cats. It has also brought a Cybertruck-inspired beer, wireless charging platform, and other products to its arsenal.

The Cybertruck is among Tesla’s most anticipated products, and the fact that the automaker continues to hype it with various items inspired by the pickup’s unique design is a sign that it knows its fan base. These 50,000 Cyber Spoons are likely to sell out quickly

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Elon Musk had no clue Tesla and McDonald’s were launching this
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