Tesla looks to convert Cybertruck reservations into sales before end of year with $1k discount

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Tesla is looking to convert Cybetruck reservations into more sales by offering a $1,000 discount on any of its other vehicles before the end of the year.

Tesla launched the Cybertruck yesterday at its Delivery Event in Austin, Texas, but it won’t start making deliveries to more people until 2024 for the Dual Motor and “Cyberbeast” trims, while the Single Motor Rear-Wheel-Drive configuration won’t launch until 2025.

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With people expecting to wait for what could be a considerable amount of time before they take delivery of their Cybertruck, the automaker is attempting to turn those reservations into sales by offering a $1,000 discount on the purchase or lease of a new Tesla. The order must be submitted by December 31:

Tesla is sitting just north of 1.3 million units delivered so far this year globally, with its goal to still reach the 1.8 million unit bogey that it set for itself. Tesla has pulled out several discounts and other moves to push deliveries upward, as we are now in the final month of 2023.

Additionally, with somewhere between 1 million and 2 million people waiting for their Cybertruck, it might be a year or two before they actually take delivery. Many may have expected to have a Cybertruck in their garage or driveway sooner than that, and may have lined up previous vehicle purchases or leases with this year’s release of the all-electric pickup.

With delivery timelines being pushed into 2024 and 2025, Tesla is hoping to keep customers with this discount, which will also result in more deliveries in hopes of reaching the 1.8 million unit goal for 2023.

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Tesla looks to convert Cybertruck reservations into sales before end of year with $1k discount
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