LIVE BLOG: Tesla Cybertruck first delivery event

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The Tesla Cybertruck is here. It took four years since the vehicle’s initial unveiling, but here we are. The first batch of owners are receiving their Tesla Cybertrucks today, and the world’s roads will never be the same. 

It took a lot to get to this point. When the Cybertruck was initially unveiled, Giga Texas has not even started its construction yet. The Cybertruck seemed like a pipe dream then, especially since the vehicle was designed so differently that critics were all but sure that the all-electric pickup truck would never be produced. 

But Tesla is Tesla, and it is a company that makes the impossible feel late. And so, one global pandemic and one new Gigafactory later, the Cybertruck is finally ready to be delivered to its first batch of customers.

Considering how important this day is, we at Teslarati will not miss the chance to cover it with a Live Blog. We’ll be updating this article over the course of the event, so please refresh the page for our latest updates. 

14:48 CT – Looks like that’s a wrap. Tesla delivered quite a number of Cybertrucks to consumers during this event. I gotta admit, while the event is short, it is quite enjoyable. Thank you so much for staying with us for this live blog. Until the next time!

Here’s the full livestream of the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event on X.

14:42 CT – And with that, the vehicle’s first deliveries have begun. Musk comments that actual customers of the vehicle are receiving the vehicle. Musk could be heard chatting briefly with the new Cybertruck owners before they drove away in their new vehicle.

14:42 CT – Musk’s discussion now moves to the vehicle’s performance. He discusses the Cybertruck’s steer-by-wire system, which gives the Cybertruck great agility. Musk noted that the Cybertruck has a turning radius that’s smaller than a Model S.

Tesla now shows the Cybertruck racing against a Porsche 911 that’s fresh from the dealer. The pickup truck beat the 911 — while towing another Porsche 911. The Cybertruck’s 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds. Musk noted that the Cybertruck is “faster than a 911 while towing a 911.”

14:37 CT – The Tesla CEO’s discussion on the Cybertruck now moves to the vehicle’s utility. As noted by Musk, the Cybertruck features 2,500 payload capacity, an 11,000-pound towing capacity. The bed is also 6 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Tesla now demonstrates how the Cybertruck stacks up against other pickup trucks in a pulling demo. The vehicle beat the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and the Ford F-350 in the event.

“You have a truck that’s bullet tough, and can out-pull an F-350… It’s not just a grandstanding showpiece like me. It’s actually very useful,” Musk said.

14:31 CT – Elon shows off some of the Cybertruck’s crash tests. As noted by the CEO, the Cybertruck does not roll over. Tesla also shows off how the Cybertrucks’ body panels survived being shot at by a gun.

14:28 CT – Elon Musk opens the Cybertruck’s discussion with the vehicle’s toughness. He notes that Tesla had to develop the stainless steel used for the Cybertruck. “It has more torsional stiffness than a McLaren P1,” Musk said. “It’s a big deal.”

He also joked that four years ago, Tesla tried a demo that didn’t really go as planned. Franz steps up and throws a ball at the Cybertruck’s window. And it didn’t break this time. “The glass is tough, is basically what we’re saying,” Musk joked.

14:28 CT – Elon notes that experts said that the Cybertruck was impossible, that it would never be made. “I think it’s our best product. Finally, the future will look like the future,” Musk said.

Kimbal also told Elon to keep himself on the light. The audience laughs.

14:26 CT – And the event is starting! Elon Musk is holding the event from the bed of the Cybertruck. The lighting could be better. Little X was a little overwhelmed, too, it seems.

14:24 CT – Alright, something is definitely happening. A promotional video for the production Cybertruck! It’s pretty epic. The video shows the all-electric pickup truck driving and ripping through every terrain imaginable. Nuts.

Also, how do you show that the Cybertruck can do “real” work? Show it being used by workers at a literal rocket factory!

14:23 CT – Okay, I jumped the gun there. We’re up to 23 minutes and Elon hasn’t appeared yet. Really pushing the excitement for this event, Tesla.

14:18 CT – Looks like it’s about to start. The livestream is still the same, though.

14:12 CT – Elon Musk is now 12 minutes late. Elon time it is! That said, the graphics of the Cybertruck’s 4680 cells looks pretty darn sick.

14:05 CT – Looks like we’re really just waiting for other Tesla executives to make their entrance. Meanwhile, the livestream is serenading us with some futuristic music.

14:05 CT – Footage posted on X shows that Tesla board member Kimbal Musk is now interacting with some of the event’s attendees. He looks hyped.

14:02 CT – Images from attendees show that the livestream has also started in Giga Texas. We’re all now waiting for Tesla executives to start the event.

14:00 CT – The livestream has started. We see a graphic of the Tesla Cybertruck’s interior and its parts floating. This totally gives sci-fi vibes, so it’s pretty nutty that this actual product will be delivered to customers later today.

13:59 CT – And we’re down to one minute before the event!

13:55 CT – Less than five minutes before the Cybertruck’s first delivery event starts its broadcast. Ah, this is very exciting. More exciting than the quarterly earnings calls, for sure.

13:50 CT – And we’re live! The countdown timer on Tesla’s official Cybertruck page is now down to its last 10 minutes. Will it start on time or is it Elon time again? We’ll find out soon. 

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LIVE BLOG: Tesla Cybertruck first delivery event
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