Tesla ready to roll out massive Cybertruck charging improvements

Credit: Tesla Asia

Tesla is ready to roll out massive Cybertruck charging improvements that the company hinted toward way back in April.

After some complaints about the Cybertruck’s compatibility with Superchargers, which was discovered by Out of Spec during its Ocean to Ocean challenge, Tesla said it would make various fixes to ensure adequate and safe charging for the all-electric pickup.

The improvements stemmed from issues where the Cybertruck would top out a site’s power limit and charging cables would overheat. This caused problems with several stops during the trip, which took the pickup across the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast.

These issues were caused by the lack of strength in the current when the Cybertruk was at a low state of charge (SoC), and Tesla said it would resolve the issues in an Over-the-Air update sometime in Q2.

However, there are less than two weeks left in the quarter, leaving only a small amount of time left for Tesla to remain on schedule with that wish.

It seems the update will be rolling out soon, according to Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill, who said the update was “coming soon.”

The issues stemmed from an issue with the Cybertruck charging curve, which would help the vehicle “unlock up to 154 miles recovered in 15 minutes.” A bug within the Cybertruck would lock the stall into a 100A max.

It appears this is one of the several growing pains Tesla has faced after the Cybertruck was launched and delivered to customers for the first time back in November. Of course, everyone expected there to be some issues early on, and the automaker is rolling out fixes to these issues as they are ready to be resolved.

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Tesla ready to roll out massive Cybertruck charging improvements
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