Tesla set to roll out Cybertruck charging improvements in Q2

Tesla is set to roll out charging improvements on the Cybertruck this quarter, aiming to boost the number of miles it can recover from a lower state of charge in a shorter span of time.

It will also roll out improvements to Superchargers next week.

As the Tesla Cybertruck was one of four electric trucks to be featured in Out of Spec’s Ocean to Ocean challenge, one thing that was highlighted quite frequently in the series was the pickup’s struggle to operate smoothly with Superchargers.

Some of the issues had to do with topping out a site’s power limit or even overheating power cables. However, one of the most frequent that was basically a consistent issue was the lack of strength of a current when the Cybertruck was at a low state of charge (SoC).

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Tesla’s Senior Vice President of Powertrain, Drew Baglino, said that the company had found a bug within the Cybertruck that “sometimes locks posts into a 100A max” when Cybertrucks are charging with a lower SoC.

The bug has been fixed, and piloting is going on currently. Baglino said it will be rolled out and fully deployed in Superchargers next week.

However, more Cybertruck improvements are set to come later this quarter in an Over-the-Air update, which will help it uncover more miles from a lower SoC in less time.

“Cybertruck charge curve improvements are coming OTA later this quarter to unlock up to 154 miles recovered in 15 minutes,” Baglino writes.

This is an improvement from the just over 130 miles the Cybertruck gains in range in 15 minutes.

The improvement is just the latest example of how Tesla’s other executives, outside of CEO Elon Musk, have stepped up to push more updates to customers and owners of the company’s vehicles.

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As the everchanging nature of Tesla vehicles is so widely discussed among fans, it is important for the company to remain transparent regarding the changes that are made.

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Tesla set to roll out Cybertruck charging improvements in Q2
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