Tesla Cybertruck’s first real-world range test yields 254-mile range

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck’s first-ever real-world range test proved to be informative and shed some light on what owners can expect when they get their pickups.

The test, performed by Out of Spec Studios, kept several things in check and tried to be as consistent and realistic as possible. The configuration tested was the All-Wheel-Drive and was driven at 70 miles per hour from 100 percent state of charge.

However, there were several things that were out of the control of the testers. One of the most crucial was the temperature at the time of testing, which was 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which equates to roughly 7 degrees Celsius.

Anyone who is familiar with EVs knows that temperature is one of the variables in terms of range and performance. Fighting range degradation in colder weather and climates is something that many automakers, Tesla included, has worked on for several years.

With the introduction of the heat pump several years ago in the Model Y, Tesla was truly onto something, and was able to utilize heat produced from the vehicle to warm the cabin. Tesla included this feature in the Cybertruck.

Other variables, like tire size, which sits at 35″, can also affect the range of EVs.

As a baseline, Tesla listed the range for this configuration of the cybertruck at 340 miles, but the tire size automatically drops it to 318 miles.

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The initial tests proved that the Cybertruck has a slightly lower range rating than expected, as the test yielded 254 miles of driving before the pickup finally died in a parking lot.

This could be somewhat concerning for some drivers in colder climates. However, Tesla is well aware that the range loss and degradation from a variety of driving factors, including payload, temperature, tire size, and other variables, can all bring limitations to what people should expect.

As a result, Tesla launched a Range Extender with the Cybertruck when it was unveiled in November, and while the presentation itself was relatively void of details, more is known now.

The Range Extender will take up one-third of the truck’s bed, but won’t make it to market until the end of this year.

For now, we await more tests on the Cybertruck, and we look forward to seeing if the weather and other factors were super influential on the results of the test, which is available to watch in its entirety below:

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Tesla Cybertruck’s first real-world range test yields 254-mile range
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