Tesla Cybertruck range extender price estimated at $16k

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck is here, and some avid electric vehicle fans are quite underwhelmed. Among the most notable criticism ofr the Cybertruck is its price, which was a lot higher than they were estimated four years ago. The vehicle’s range also came nowhere near the 500 miles that were teased by the electric vehicle maker in its 2019 unveiling. 

A look at Tesla’s configurator for the Cybertruck shows that the base Cybertruck Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) would be priced at $60,990 before options, the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD) will be priced at $79,990 before options, and the top-tier “Cyberbeast” would start at a whopping $99,990. The RWD’s range was listed at 250 miles, the Dual Motor was listed with a range of 340 miles, and the Cyberbeast was listed with a range of 320 miles. 

Tesla Cybertruck range extender (Credit: Tesla)

Considering that the top-tier Cybertruck was initially announced with a range of about 500 miles when it was unveiled in 2019, the frustration of some electric vehicle enthusiasts is understandable. That is, at least, until Tesla executives confirmed on social media that the Cybertruck will feature a range extender that could boost the Dual Motor AWD’s range to 470+ miles per charge. The range extender also boosts the Cyberbeast’s range to an estimated 440+ miles per charge. 

A range of 470+ miles and 440+ miles per charge is definitely a lot more impressive than 340 miles and 320 miles of range. However, the price of the Cybertruck range extender soon became a concern among EV enthusiasts. Considering the notable price increase that was implemented on the vehicle, after all, the price of the range extender could also be quite expensive. 

References to the Cybertruck range extender in the vehicle’s payment page source code (Credit: Tesla)

A look at the Page Source of the Cybertruck’s payment page seems to confirm this, as the range extender is found in the code, together with a price of $16,000.  

The range extender definitely seems like a pretty smart accessory for the Cybertruck as it allows consumers to have a reserve battery that can be used when traveling long distances. It also allows Tesla to produce the base Cybertruck with smaller, more reasonably-sized battery packs to maximize volume. For casual consumers, after all, the Cybertruck Dual Motor’s 340 mile range may be quite enough.

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Tesla Cybertruck range extender price estimated at $16k
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