Tesla Cybertruck futuristic aero wheel makes debut in Los Angeles unveiling event on Nov. 21, 2019 (Photo: Teslarati)

Tesla Cybertruck saves a life even before its deliveries begin

Tesla Cybertruck futuristic aero wheel makes debut in Los Angeles unveiling event on Nov. 21, 2019 (Photo: Teslarati)

The Tesla Cybertruck was met by a wide range of emotions when it was unveiled last November. It was celebrated, it was mocked, it was met with anger, and it was met with enthusiasm. The all-electric pickup is not yet being delivered to customers, but even now, the vehicle continues to inspire the creativity of many. And if a story from a Tesla owner is any indication, it appears that the Cybertruck may have already saved a life.

Tesla owner u/Jeriath27 recently shared his and his family’s experience surrounding the all-electric pickup on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit. His story started about a year ago when his family took delivery of a Tesla Model 3. The EV enthusiast actually reserved a Model 3 years prior, but circumstances prevented him from going through with the purchase when the vehicle was initially released. Fortunately, the Tesla enthusiast was able to justify a Model 3 purchase last year, on account of a long commute, a new job, and the vehicle’s gas savings.

Interestingly enough, u/Jeriath27’s wife was quite skeptical about the Model 3 at first, especially as she would be the one driving it about 95% of the time. But in true Tesla fashion, the Model 3 promptly endeared itself to the EV enthusiast’s wife, to the point where she actually started doing some Uber and Lyft on the side. This was quite notable, considering that she has bad anxiety and is generally uncomfortable with strangers. Everything seemed to be in place then, but things fell apart when summer hit.

The Tesla Cybertruck. (Credit: Dave Rand)

While visiting a friend in another state, u/Jeriath27’s spouse experienced a bad episode, which stemmed from deep-rooted PTSD. She ended up in a medical facility, and it took the Tesla owner fighting the court just to get her home. By this time, she was pumped with so much medicine that she was a shell of her usual self. As noted by the Tesla owner, his wife ended up having cluster seizures and vivid nightmares for months, and she fell into an extremely deep depression. She started seeing a therapist and her doctor worked to get her medicine figured out, but the healing process was very deliberate.

Then came November 21, 2019. As related by the Tesla owner, his wife had been sleeping as usual and he was just waiting for the unveiling of the Cybertruck. He was aware that the Cybertruck’s design will probably not be for everyone, and sure enough, when Elon Musk brought the massive all-electric pickup onstage, u/Jeriath27 was not really that excited. He thought the Cybertruck’s design was interesting, but it was not something that he was immediately drawn to. Nevertheless, he opted to show the Cybertruck to his wife the next day.

As it turned out, u/Jeriath27’s spouse loved the all-electric truck’s unique XY design. She spent the next few hours watching and rewatching the Cybertruck’s unveiling. Seeing how his wife was reacting to the vehicle, the Tesla owner promptly reserved a unit for themselves. He then printed the email confirmation and showed it to his wife. She was ecstatic for the first time in four months.

(Photo: fromwhereicharge/Instagram)

Interestingly enough, the family’s reservation for the all-electric pickup truck provided a small push that provided some timely motivation to u/Jeriath27’s wife. With the couple deciding that they would save up for the vehicle together, the Tesla owner’s spouse started feeling more motivated. She put up charts and motivational pictures to encourage herself, and she started providing Uber rides in the family’s Model 3 once more. She even started getting into conversations with other Tesla owners at Superchargers during road trips.

Of course, it should be noted that it’s not really healthy to have someone’s motivation tied to a single consumer product. In later comments, the Tesla owner noted that he and his wife are aware of this, and they are determined to continue therapy to help her recovery further. That being said, it’s difficult to deny that it was the presence of a strange-looking vehicle that brought the Tesla owner’s spouse out of a severe downturn. Her current enthusiasm for the Cybertruck, if any, has allowed her to open up more to her therapist, which could hopefully expedite her healing.

At the end of the day, sometimes, one just needs to have something to look forward to. Even if that something is a massive all-electric pickup.

Read u/Jeriath27’s full post about his family’s Tesla Cybertruck story here.

Tesla Cybertruck saves a life even before its deliveries begin
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