Tesla was serious — the Cybertruck side mirror removal process is very simple

Credit: Wrap Bullys/YouTube

It is no secret that the Tesla Cybertruck looks quite a bit better without side mirrors. Thus, while the vehicle is delivered to consumers with a pair of standard side mirrors, CEO Elon Musk has noted in the past that the removal process of the components should be very easy. 

“They’re required by law, but designed to be easy to remove by owners,” Musk wrote on X, then known as Twitter, back in October 2021.

A look at the Cybertruck Parts Catalog suggests that Tesla was serious about the vehicle’s side mirrors being easy to remove. As could be seen in the catalog, the Cybertruck’s side mirrors are simply held in place by three M8 bolts. Such a setup should make the removal and reinstallation of the Cybertruck’s side mirrors as easy as possible. 

This was demonstrated in a recent video from automotive wrapping service Wrap Bullys on YouTube, which was fortunate enough to wrap a Cybertruck production unit for a client. As could be seen in the video, accessing the Cybertruck’s side mirrors was a simple matter of lifting a bit of the vehicle’s trim and undoing the bolts that were holding the components in place. 

The automotive wrapping firm was able to remove a Cybertruck side mirror very quickly, with the entire removal process taking just about a minute. Overall, it does appear that just about anyone could safely and easily remove the Cybertruck’s side mirrors, just as CEO Elon Musk noted in the past. 

Drivers who remove their Cybertrucks’ mirrors may see a number of benefits in their driving experience. Tesla executives have noted in the past that side mirrors increase drag, thereby reducing range. By removing side mirrors, the Cybertruck’s range could be maximized. Of course, a vehicle with such a futuristic design like the Cybertruck arguably looks better with no side mirrors as well. 

Watch Wrap Bullys’ Tesla Cybertruck side mirror removal video below. 

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Tesla was serious — the Cybertruck side mirror removal process is very simple
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