SK Group’s CES 2024 exhibit to showcase carbon-cutting technologies

(Credit: SK On)

SK Group is building a theme park with carbon-cutting technologies for CES 2024. 

South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate aims to showcase its carbon-cutting technologies with an interactive amusement park called SK Wonderland. SK Group’s theme park is about 20,000 square feet and will feature interactive booths powered by the company’s technology. 

Below are some of the attractions visitors may see at SK Wonderland.

  • A train run by hydrogen energy and only emits water.
  • A “magic carpet ride” in a self-driving vehicle driven by artificial intelligence (AI) using low-power semiconductors.
  • Full-electric dancing cars capable of recharging in 20 minutes or less.
  • A Rainbow Tube containing recycled plastics using SK Geo’s Ulsan Advanced Recycling Cluster (ARC)
  • An “AI Fortune Teller” powered by SK Hynix’s high-bandwidth memory solutions.

“While the CES exhibit will provide a futuristic view, SK Wonderland is based on real technologies that can be implemented today,” said Vice President Hyunho Son. “SK and its partners are already building new manufacturing sites around the world to bring these solutions to market and start making positive progress toward reducing carbon emissions.”

SK Group has several factories under construction in the United States, specifically in Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. SK On partnered with Hyundai in Georgia on a 35 GWh battery facility. The South Korean company also plans to produce a glass substrate for high-performance computers in Georgia. 

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, SK On and Ford teamed up to establish the BlueOval battery park. Ford and SK On’s battery park is expected to impact the local economy in Hardin County significantly. The legacy OEM and SK On also have another battery facility in Tennessee called BlueOval City

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SK Group’s CES 2024 exhibit to showcase carbon-cutting technologies
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