Tesla Cybertruck sighted with apparent Starlink Mobility dish

Credit: @Jonasbrowniee/X

Photos were recently shared depicting two Tesla Cybertruck units that were wrapped in colorful graffiti. One of the all-electric pickup trucks has now been sighted with what appears to be a Starlink Mobility dish on its roof. 

Tesla has been having fun with the release candidates of the Cybertruck. Some units have been sighted with a faux Ford F-150 wrap, and another has been spotted with a loud green Toyota Tundra wrap. A number of Tesla Cybertrucks have also been wrapped in a variety of camouflage patterns. 

Tesla’s most recent Cybertruck wraps featured the vehicle’s graffiti logo from late 2019 when the all-electric pickup truck was unveiled. And as per a photo shared on X by @Jonasbrowniee, the Cybertruck with green graffiti had something interesting on its roof — an apparent Starlink Mobility dish. 

The attachment of the apparent Starlink Mobility dish on the wrapped Tesla Cybertruck suggests that the satellite internet system could be installed on the all-electric pickup truck easily. This is quite interesting considering that Starlink Mobility’s Flat High Performance dish is designed to be permanently installed on a vehicle. 

Nevertheless, the image bodes well for the Cybertruck’s overlanding capabilities, as Starlink would ensure that owners would have no issues connecting to the internet regardless of where they are. Starlink advertises its Flat High Performance dish as an ideal solution for industries such as trucking, buses, shuttles, and emergency response. 

As per SpaceX’s official page for Starlink Mobility, the service offers high-speed global internet with speeds of up to 220 Mbps. The system uses Starlink’s Flat High Performance dish, which is designed to be resilient in harsh environments.

SpaceX also noted that Starlink Mobility has the highest priority in the Starlink network. This means that even in times of congestion, the internet connection for the service will remain reliable and quick. The service costs $2,500 for the Flat High Performance dish and $250 per month for internet connectivity.

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Tesla Cybertruck sighted with apparent Starlink Mobility dish
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