GM reports first Chevrolet Silverado EV delivery results for Q3 2023

General Motors (GM) recently released a report revealing the delivery results of the first Chevrolet Silverado EVs. According to the legacy automaker’s Q3 2023 delivery reports, Chevrolet delivered 18 Silverado EVs in the quarter.

Chevrolet’s dedicated page for the Silverado EV states that the RST variant will be available in fall 2023. Based on GM’s delivery reports, Chevrolet’s estimation was accurate. 

The fully loaded Silverado EV RST First Edition has a GM-estimated 400 miles of range. In July, the Silverado EV beat GM’s range estimates, receiving an EPA range estimate of 450 miles.

The RST First Edition’s starting price is $105,000. Chevrolet also offers other Silverado EV variants, beginning with the base model, which has a starting price of $77,905. The automakers also offer a work truck version of the all-electric pickup, which costs $72,905 before options. Chevrolet wanted to launch a Silverado EV variant with a starting price as low as $39,000 but scrapped the idea. 

Chevrolet offers Silverado EV owners two home charging options: Level 1, 120-volt Charging, and Level 2, 240-volt charging. The fully electric pickup truck can recharge at charging stations across the United States. It may also access Tesla’s Supercharger Network without using the Magic Dock in a few years. 

General Motors announced that it would adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) to its future electric vehicles. However, in June, GM also stated that the Chevrolet Silverado EV would not be Tesla-compatible before model year 2025.

General Motors reported EV sales increased 28% in Q3 compared to the second quarter of 2023. The Bolt EV/Bolt EUV made up the majority of GM’s EV sales, with approximately 15,835 units sold. Chevrolet Bolt sales were up by 13% compared to the second quarter.

The Silverado EV is produced in GM’s Factory Zero, the company’s first assembly plant dedicated to electric vehicle production. 

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GM reports first Chevrolet Silverado EV delivery results for Q3 2023
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