Tesla Cybertruck wiper close-up shows how crazy it really is

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Sightings of the Tesla Cybertruck have not been in short supply over the past six months as the vehicle nears production and initial deliveries. However, perhaps one of the most notable features of the Cybertruck is its massive single wiper, and in a new close-up look, it truly is one of the craziest parts of this pickup.

The wiper has been widely speculated for years, and Tesla has shown the crazy single wiper, which is massive and is placed vertically instead of the traditional horizontal design.

It has changed slightly since Cybertruck prototypes were spotted, and in late 2021, Musk confirmed that the single wiper blade design seen on a prototype was not the same one that would make it to production.

In March, a prototype Cybertruck showed what appears to be the production version of the wiper, which was also spotted a unit that has been driving around California with stickers that say “RC” on it:

It is clear Tesla has refined the wiper blades slightly in the past few years. The unit that equipped the non-production wiper, according to Musk, did not have a joint arm that offered some offset, which would help with coverage and overall range of motion.

Many of those who have looked at the Cybertruck wiper have not been convinced of its effectiveness and have been skeptical that a one-wiper system is most ideal. However, the Cybertruck offers a less-than-traditional design, and this includes the windshield, which is long and angled aggressively.

Tesla has not shyed away from innovation, and the wiper for the Cybertruck is no different.

Also available to look at in these shots is the tonneau controls, which are sleek and minimalistic, and will provide owners with a quick and seemless option to control the bed covering.

There is potential for the Cybertruck to feature a solar tonneau that would add supplemental range, ideal enough for long-term parking and some other applications. This was detailed in a 2021 patent, but there is no indication that Tesla plans to move foward with this as a finalized feature on the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck’s Solar Panel Tonneau Cover comes to life in new patent

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Tesla Cybertruck wiper close-up shows how crazy it really is
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