Tesla to discontinue Model S 75 RWD, leaving Model 3 as the only RWD option

Source: Tesla

Tesla will be discontinuing the Model S 75 with rear wheel drive. 

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed with Teslarati that the company would begin phasing out its only remaining real wheel drive option, though no firm date has been set. The decision to discontinue the Model S 75, named after its rear wheel drive capabilities and 75kWh battery pack, comes ahead of Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3 launch and seen as a move to differentiate the company’s flagship Model S sedan from its high-volume, affordable electric sedan.

The Model 3 delivery event is scheduled for Friday and based on information obtained from inside sources, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is expected to reveal a 60kWh and 75kWh battery option for Model 3. 

Discontinuing the Model S 75 version means the Model 3 would be only sedan offered by Tesla that sports a 75kWh battery with rear wheel drive, further validating Tesla’s plan to create a larger feature gap between its entry-level and premium sedan.

Tesla has also been known to streamline its vehicle options. The company is expected to reveal a “packages” version of its online design studio to reflect three buying options for Model S and X drivers: standard, premium and performance. Ahead of the upcoming design studio changes, the company has also discontinued the 90kWh battery option for the Model S and X on June 8.

Model 3 production is expected to ramp up heading into August, a move that will put Musk and Tesla’s production logistics to the test.

The delivery event at the end of this week is expected to feature a “key” handover to the first Model 3 owners. Musk will provide a presentation on Tesla and other topics relating to his vision for a sustainable future.

Tesla to discontinue Model S 75 RWD, leaving Model 3 as the only RWD option
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