Tesla leads EV sales in Norway, nearly eliminates ICE competition in March

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A new EV sales report from Norway shows that EVs, led by Tesla, have nearly eliminated all ICE vehicle sales in the country.

Since the EV transition began, the leader has been Norway, which quickly took to buying electric vehicles ahead of essentially every other country on Earth. That trend has continued to this day, and according to new reports from the Norwegian Government, nearly all gas and diesel-powered vehicle sales have been eliminated, only representing 2.7% of the car market in the third month of the year.

As initially reported by ABC/Nyheter, EV sales in Norway skyrocketed in March, representing 86.8% of the overall vehicle market. In total, 16,811 EVs were sold during the month, contributing to a massive 19.3% increase in car sales year over year.

Unsurprisingly, the clear market leader in Norway remains Tesla, which had a record number of deliveries in the country. As pointed out in previous reports, Tesla currently accounts for roughly 50% of the EV market, which in Norway, is essentially the entire car market.

This incredible surge in EV sales is reflected in the number of EVs on the road currently in the country. According to reports which came out late last year, as many as two-thirds of the vehicles in many dense urban areas are 100% electric, along with a strong contingent of hybrid vehicles as well.

Norway’s EV takeoff has seemingly influenced much of Europe, as numerous other countries are seeing similar growth in the year’s first quarter. Most recently, the United Kingdom reported a sharp increase in EV sales, once again led by the wave of Tesla deliveries deployed at the quarter’s end. Further, similar results have been seen in Germany, where the Tesla Model Y, in particular, continues to gain marketshare and pull other EV offerings up in popularity.

Some parts of the world, including North America, have not seen the same wave in demand for EVs during the same timeframe. However, it should be noted that interest in and adoption of the technology continues to grow in the Americas, particularly in the United States, which has seen sales jump following the introduction of an aggressive tax incentive at the end of last year.

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Tesla leads EV sales in Norway, nearly eliminates ICE competition in March
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