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Tesla’s Elon Musk gives Cybertruck seal of approval after production beta review

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It does appear that Tesla is steadily making progress in the development and upcoming production of the Cybertruck. This was hinted at by CEO Elon Musk, who noted that he recently reviewed the all-electric pickup truck’s production beta.

Musk’s recent comment about the Cybertruck came as a response to a post on Twitter from a user who noted that the all-electric pickup would be his personal vehicle once it’s released. Musk noted that the Cybertruck is indeed worth the wait. “I was just reviewing the production beta Cybertruck. It is incredible,” Musk wrote on Twitter. 

The CEO’s comment about a production beta Cybertruck bodes well for the upcoming pickup. Prior to Musk’s post, most of the vehicle’s sightings involved either the initial Cybertruck prototype that was unveiled back in 2019 or an alpha prototype with no door handles, different wheels, and a large windshield wiper.

Generally, alpha prototypes are designed to validate the fundamental technologies that a product is based on. Beta prototypes are more mature, as they are mostly representative of the final product that’s going to enter production. With this in mind, it would seem that Tesla has all but finalized the Cybertruck and is now just preparing for the vehicle’s start of production. 

Considering Musk’s comments, it would not be surprising if sightings of production beta Cybertrucks, and later, release candidate units, are reported in the coming weeks or months. This was what happened when Tesla was building up to the release of the Model Y, whose release candidates were spotted multiple times by EV enthusiasts before its deliveries started. 

While the Cybertruck will enter production this year, Elon Musk set expectations during the Q4 and FY 2022 earnings call. As per the CEO, the all-electric pickup truck would only be in initial production this year, with its ramp happening in 2024 instead. 

“We do expect (Cybertruck) production to start maybe sometime this summer. But I always try to downplay the start of production because the start of production is always very slow. It increases exponentially, but it’s always very slow at first. So I wouldn’t put too much thought in start of production. It’s kind of when does volume production actually happen, and that’s next year,” Musk said. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk gives Cybertruck seal of approval after production beta review
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