Tesla Energy ramps hiring at Giga New York for accelerated solar production

Tesla's Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, NY. [Credit: Derek Gee/The Buffalo News]

Tesla is hiring for over 30 different positions at Giga New York, the facility where the company manufactures its solar products.

Recent job listings on LinkedIn for the company’s facility in Buffalo indicate a wide variety of skills are being sought, including but not limited to engineering, equipment maintenance, production operations, and roof installers.

A source familiar with the matter who spoke to Teslarati talked to employees at the plant, who indicated the facility is currently operating on a 24-hour schedule six days a week to keep up with demand. Altogether, this move seems to confirm the 88-acre location is accelerating solar production and installation in a significant way, which coincides with the company’s growth in the energy sector.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla recently adopted a series of initiatives designed to make its energy products more attractive to consumers. Aside from lowering prices in October last year, the company also introduced an incentive program involving a $250 award to new solar customers who purchase or subscribe to a solar panel system through the company’s referral program. “Our goal is to build the best clean energy products and help Tesla owners share their excitement and experiences with others,” the company wrote in their announcement.

Tesla’s efforts to ramp up solar production prior to this most recent hiring spree were detailed in their Q2 2020 Earnings Update letter. “Solar Roof installations roughly tripled in Q2 compared to Q1. We continue to expand our installation team to increase the deployment rate,” it stated. Additionally, Tesla’s Q2 2020 update also touted price as a major selling point for its energy products. “Recently, we made home retrofit solar even more affordable in the U.S., while also offering an increased efficiency panel. At $1.49 per watt, the average Tesla solar system is now one-third less expensive than the industry,” the letter detailed.

Despite the U.S. having some of the most expensive rates for solar panels and energy production in the world, Tesla has managed to cut the price per watt. The company’s solar panels are about a third less expensive than the U.S. industry average. The significant advantage that Tesla holds is its ability to cut soft costs from its solar program.

Allowing customers to order their solar products online, much like their electric cars, is one of the major factors enabling the company to minimize its costs. Minimizing expenses, specifically by avoiding a dedicated sales team, has helped Tesla Energy weather through tough economic times by maintaining demand – something demonstrated most clearly via hiring ramps.

Many people forget that Tesla is involved in the production of energy generation and storage products because of its widely thriving automotive sector. However, the Energy portion of Tesla is multiplying thanks to its affordable products, and the company is preparing for a massive hiring ramp to keep up with the demand.

Tesla Energy ramps hiring at Giga New York for accelerated solar production
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