Tesla launches mobile Design Studio towed by Model X through “Explores” tour

Tesla has announced that it will be launching a fleet of mobile Design Studio galleries across North America through its new “Explores” tour. Unlike popup showrooms that the company has been installing across malls and smaller venues, the new program will see Tesla-branded Airstream trailers converted into showroom centers and towed by the company’s all-electric Model X crossover SUV.

“Tesla is hitting the road across North America with our first-ever Tesla mobile Design Studios. Get the complete Tesla experience and design the Model S or Model X of your dreams as our fleet of mobile galleries roams to destinations near and far.”, says the company on its Tesla Explores page.

According to the site, Tesla’s mobile Design Studios will be visiting select cities across California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Incidentally, these are all states that already have store presence along with a high concentration of Tesla owners. The tour, designed to showcase the benefits of driving a Model S and Model X, will act as a mobile sales center allowing onsite Tesla Product Specialists to facilitate interested buyers with design of their vehicle. Rest assured that the company will also highlight the ability to tow using the electric Model X.

The new program is presumably another way for Tesla to extend its brand reach to consumers and stimulate sales without having to take on traditional advertising. If the program proves to be successful, we expect Tesla will be using this as a way to test the waters in markets where the Silicon Valley automaker has seen resistance from state law makers, preventing the company from selling direct to consumers.

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