Massive Tesla fleet sighted in Vancouver, Canada

Credit: Pascal/Tiktok

Customers in Canada who have ordered a Tesla may soon get their vehicles delivered soon. As per a recently shared video online, a massive fleet of imported Teslas has been sighted at a port in Vancouver, Canada. 

The footage of the Tesla fleet was initially shared on social media platform TikTok before it was shared on other platforms such as X, formerly Twitter. As could be seen in the video, a notable portion of the port was covered with Tesla vehicles, suggesting that a ship had offloaded the EVs at the site. 

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Interestingly enough, footage from the Shanghai Port back in June hinted that Gigafactory Shanghai was allotting some of its resources towards exporting its vehicles to Canada. At the time, drone footage showed that a section of the Shanghai port was filled with a large fleet of Teslas. Drone operator Wu Wa, who has been following Giga Shanghai’s progress over the years, observed that the vehicles were marked for Canada. 

Considering the recent sighting in Vancouver, it would appear that the exports from Gigafactory Shanghai are now arriving in Canada. This bodes well for Tesla’s sales in the country, considering that the exports from China include the Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), the all-electric crossover’s most affordable variant that is not produced at the Fremont Factory or Gigafactory Texas. 

The Tesla Model Y has already achieved a feat that was once deemed impossible. Back in 2021, Elon Musk noted that the Model Y had the potential to become the world’s best-selling car by revenue in 2022 and by volume in 2023. Musk’s comments at the time were met with skepticism, considering that the Model Y is an all-electric car that’s priced at a premium. 

As per a report from data firm JATO Dynamics earlier this year, however, the Model Y did become the world’s best-selling vehicle by volume in the first quarter of 2023. It marked the first time that an electric car was the world’s top-selling vehicle. And with Canada now receiving Model Ys from China, the all-electric crossover’s sales this year would likely be even better. 

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Massive Tesla fleet sighted in Vancouver, Canada
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