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Tesla shows off grueling ‘extreme heat testing’ regimen

Credit: Tesla, Youtube

Tesla has published a new video showing off its extreme weather testing, highlighting the engineering chops the automaker has attracted.

With Tesla’s incredible focus on engineering prowess, it should come as no surprise that it pushes its vehicles to the absolute limit when testing to ensure customers that its vehicles will hold up no matter the circumstance. Perhaps most well-known is Tesla’s dedication to crash safety, but more critical to day-to-day driving, Tesla places its vehicles in some of the toughest efficiency tests on the planet. Today, Tesla has proven just that, showing off what its vehicles go through during extreme heat testing.

Tesla published the video showing off its killer heat testing today on its Youtube channel, which focused on one Tesla engineering team based in the United Arab Emirates.

It should be noted that Tesla first showed off extreme heat testing last year, but have only now published a full video on the regimen.

As seen in the video, temperatures in the Emirati desert consistently reach well above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal location for extreme vehicle testing. On top of this mind-melting heat, Tesla engineers subject the vehicles to high-speed and uphill driving, all while using the vehicle’s air conditioning and other interior features to ensure they achieve the worst-case scenario.

Besides the obvious challenge of keeping the battery, motors, and occupants cooled, extreme heat testing can be particularly grueling for EVs, as they must ensure that battery chemistry stability is ensured and energy efficiency is maintained as well as possible.

When Tesla’s extreme temperature testing team isn’t in the scalding hot desert of the UAE, it is in the frigid cold arctic circle in Norway during the winter, ensuring that each of its vehicle components can survive the hottest hots and the most freezing colds.

Thanks to Tesla’s testing, customers can look forward to dramatically improved products in the coming years. And while many may think we are close to pinnacle technology, Tesla’s testing environment is here to prove otherwise.

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Tesla shows off grueling ‘extreme heat testing’ regimen
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