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Tesla shows off ‘world’s first’ real world crash test system

Credit: Tesla Japan Twitter

Tesla published a new video showing off the company’s real-world crash test safety system, which it claims is a first of its kind.

Tesla has long prided itself on its high safety standards, which they remain a leader in. And while electric vehicles have some inherent safety benefits, including a lower center of gravity and more room for crumple zones, Tesla also has worked to improve its testing systems as well. Now, Tesla’s Japanese Twitter account has published a video giving a behind-the-scenes look at the Tesla crash safety system.

The videos of the crash testing center were published to Tesla’s Japanese Twitter account early this morning, showing off its successful results and unique approach to testing.

As addressed in numerous previous Tesla announcements, Tesla’s industry advantage comes from the fact that each of its vehicles currently on the road operates as its own crash-testing vehicle. Whenever a Tesla gets into an accident, the vehicle can inform analysts about where the vehicle gets hit, how hard, how many people were in the vehicle, when the airbag was deployed, and much more. This data can then be used to dramatically improve vehicles for crashes that are actually happening in the real world.

On top of this real-world testing, Tesla also showed off its testing facility, which, much like the NHTSA in the U.S. or EuroNCAP in Europe, allows the automaker to simulate crashes with real vehicles and analyze the results in more detail.

Tesla has not revealed what changes they have made thanks to the help of this system, but with such a rich dataset, there is no doubt the opportunity for improvement is great.

Outside of Tesla’s own testing, it has found similar success. The IIHS recently granted the Tesla Model Y the highest safety rating possible, while the Tesla Model 3 received the second-highest rating.

As consumers and regulators alike look to continue to improve vehicle safety standards in the coming years, valuable data on where vehicles get hit and how will prove to become increasingly more useful to automakers. And while other automakers will likely create these systems in the coming years, it is great to know that Tesla has already introduced these amazing life-saving changes.

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Tesla shows off ‘world’s first’ real world crash test system
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