Tesla fans deliver Elon Musk’s new couch, raise $18k for charity

The Tesla community recently got together to crowdfund a new couch for Elon Musk, after it was revealed in a CBS This Morning segment that the sofa Musk was sleeping on in the Fremont factory was incredibly uncomfortable.

Tesla fans across the globe pitched in for the crowdfunded campaign, resulting in more than $8,000 in total money raised. As could be seen in a recently-uploaded YouTube video, the new couch has been delivered to Fremont, and the proceeds of the campaign will now be given, in its entirety, to charity.

A video featuring the delivery of Elon Musk’s new couch was uploaded by YouTuber and Teslanomics host Ben Sullins, who started the GoFundMe campaign. According to Ben, Elon’s new couch was donated by Wayfair, enabling the entire crowdsourced amount to be given to a humanitarian organization. Ben shared some photos from the sofa’s delivery, and based on the images; it seems like Elon Musk’s new couch is indeed very comfortable. Wayfair appears to have given a shoutout to Tesla, as well, as the couch the company donated was called a Model: S 164 sofabed.

Ben Sullins’ GoFundMe campaign raised almost $8,000 for Elon Musk’s new couch. Tesla Club of Sweden raised another $1,500. The proceeds from the GoFundMe drive would be given to Renewable World, a UK-based charity which conducts projects aimed at fighting poverty through renewable energy. Among Renewable World’s ongoing initiatives is in Nepal, where the organization is helping residents get back on their feet amid the aftereffects of a devastating earthquake back in 2015.

As noted by the Teslanomics host, however, Tesla decided to add a final twist to the Tesla community’s total donation. The electric car maker opted to match the proceeds from the fundraiser dollar-for-dollar, giving Renewable World a far more substantial amount.

“Now Tesla, I thought, originally was only gonna donate the cost of the couch. But since Wayfair donated the couch, Tesla is going to be matching the entire donation — the entire thing. So all $8,000, close to $8,000 that we raised, plus the $1,500 from the Tesla Club of Sweden, we collectively are over $18,000 — money raised going to charity from a simple, little joke idea,” Ben said in his video.  

Ben’s video included a clip from Renewable World, where the organization thanked everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign. According to the charity, the donation would aid their projects across the globe, including communities in Kenya, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

The Tesla community, from electric car owners to the company’s executives, have been involved in heartwarming, altruistic projects in the past. Earlier this year, members of the Tesla community got together to make the wish of Dr. Matthew Chan, a cancer-stricken Model X owner, come true. During that time, the Tesla superfan was given a special tour of the Fremont factory, including an extended meet-and-greet with Franz von Holzhausen and a test drive with a Model 3. Elon Musk took some time to converse with Dr. Chan as well, with the CEO speaking with the Tesla owner before heading to the facility.

Watch Ben Sullins’ video featuring the delivery of Elon Musk’s new couch below.

Tesla fans deliver Elon Musk’s new couch, raise $18k for charity
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