Tesla’s first Model 3 and Y land in Chile as South American offensive begins

Tesla’s first Model 3 and Model Y units have landed in Chile as the company’s efforts to begin ramping up EV sales in South America have officially begun.

South America has an extremely limited presence of EVs; there are only a handful of companies present in the market, and a less-than-encouraging number of chargers on the continent does not give consumers much of an option.

However, Tesla started making moves to enter the continent last year, deciding to launch in Chile. Now, its vehicles are officially arriving in the country for the first time:

Tesla started taking vehicle orders earlier this year, as it opened its first store in Chile in February.

Now that the company has started accepting vehicles in the country, an adequate charging infrastructure will be built. Tesla’s online Charging Map does not show any locations in Chile as of yet, which means any owner will have to rely on third-party stalls or home charging for their vehicles.

The good thing is Tesla being present in the country will help EV adoption increase and will hopefully lead to more competitors in Chile.

Chile wants 100 percent electric public transport by 2040 and wants 40 percent of its consumer vehicles to be EVs by 2050. Tesla’s entrance into the market will hopefully be a catalyst for EVs to gain more traction in Chile.

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Tesla’s first Model 3 and Y land in Chile as South American offensive begins
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