Tesla formally drops FSD “Beta” moniker, replaces it with FSD (Supervised)

After over three years, it appears that the Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta program has ended. The change was highlighted by the electric vehicle maker in its 2024.3.10 Release Notes, which indicated that the advanced driver-assist system is now dubbed as FSD (Supervised). While this is arguably a rather minor change, it does suggest that the electric car maker is getting more confident about its Full Self-Driving suite. 

The FSD (Supervised) moniker was featured prominently in Tesla’s 2024.3.10 Release Notes. As per the Release Notes, which were shared by Not A Tesla App, “FSD (Supervised) v12 upgrades the city-streets driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network trained on millions of video clips, replacing over 300k lines of explicit C++ code.”

Tesla’s updated terminology for its FSD program was also evident in the following sections of the 2024.3.10 Release Notes. 

Full Self-Driving (Supervised)

Under your supervision, Full Self-Driving (Supervised) can drive your Tesla almost anywhere. It will make lane changes, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. You and anyone you authorize must use additional caution and remain attentive. It does not make your vehicle autonomous. Do not become complacent.

Full Self-Driving (Supervised) is enabled on your vehicle. To use the feature, pull the drive stalk down once (for Model 3 and Model Y) or press the right scroll wheel button once (for Model S and Model X). You can disable Full Self-Driving (Supervised) in Autopilot Settings.

The reception to FSD (Supervised) has so far been positive, with users in both the United States and Canada reporting zero engagement drives over the weekend. Longtime FSD Beta testers, including some who have been using the advanced driver-assist suite since late October 2020, have remarked that FSD (Supervised) V12.3 is the most capable, confident, and humanlike update that Tesla has released to date. 

Tesla has been focusing its efforts on promoting FSD to new and existing customers. Elon Musk has mandated that Tesla delivery centers give FSD (Supervised) V12.3.1 test rides to customers as part of the delivery process. More recently, Tesla has also started rolling out a one-month free trial for FSD (Supervised) to customers in the US and Canada, including those who did not purchase FSD.

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Tesla formally drops FSD “Beta” moniker, replaces it with FSD (Supervised)
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