Tesla FSD Beta 10.3.1 starts rollout after brief weekend rollback

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta version 10.3.1 is being rolled out to members of the company’s Beta pool this morning following a rollback after bugs were found in the initial rollout of Software Version 10.3 on Sunday.

Tesla has been releasing updates to the FSD Beta program on a bi-weekly basis for several months, with new versions of the software rolling out every other Friday. The release of FSD Beta 10.3 was scheduled to roll out on Friday, October 22nd, but delays saw Tesla CEO Elon Musk temporarily suspend the release until Sunday, citing “regression in some left turns at traffic lights.”

FSD Beta version 10.3 was rolled out Sunday morning but was quickly revoked from many owners. Several of them contacted Teslarati to indicate that they had been added to the Beta program with their 99 Safety Score, only to see their permission was then taken away. “I did the most recent software update, and it deleted my FSB access.  My safety score continues to be 100. Something screwy is going on,” one owner told us. Another said their vehicle was granted FSD Beta access on Sunday morning but quickly realized that the request button again appeared on their navigation screen.

The disappearance of Version 10.3 was planned, Musk said. “Please note, this is to be expected with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configs in all conditions with internal QA, hence public beta,” the CEO said on Twitter.

Tesla seems to be understanding regarding some shortcomings with the Beta program. Musk tweeted with the release of FSD Beta 9.2 that it was “not great,” but improvements have been rolling out every two weeks with results that have been steadily increasing the comprehension of the company’s vehicles with every mile driven.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.3.1 starts rollout after brief weekend rollback
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