Tesla FSD Beta reviews from testers 

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It has been several weeks since Tesla kicked off the roll-out of its latest FSD Beta update, and a few Beta testers shared their thoughts on v10.69.2. FSD Beta testers told Teslarati that v10.69.2 made noticeable improvements to FSD, but a few issues have lingered from 10.69.1. 

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 Reviews

After talking to quite a few FSD Beta testers about 10.69.1, a pattern started to emerge. Testers mentioned similar issues repeatedly. The top three mentioned by testers were phantom braking, issues with turns, and speed limit recognition. 

Lane selection issues seemed to be a prevalent one in FSD Beta 10.69.2. Multiple FSD Beta testers mentioned that their Tesla would take the turn lane on the road even if they intended to go straight.

“A major issue that I’ve had with this release has to do with lane selection. I find that sometimes, it’s going into an inappropriate lane. And sometimes it’s confused which lane to choose and bunks between a couple of lanes,” noted Dr. Sultan Rahaman, M.D. 

“On one occasion, it was moving from the right lane into a right-turn-only lane. A lane that was going into a plaza that was just a right only. But it was driving down that lane at normal speed as if it believed that this lane was going straight through, and it was not, it was just a right turn lane. So I had to disengage because it seemed like it was identifying that right turn lane as just a regular lane going straight,” said Dr. Rahaman.

Long-time Tesla FSD Beta tester Les also experienced issues with lane selection and turns with v10.69.2. 

“After multiple test loops and drives, there’s really just one main problem remaining for me at this point on 10.69.2, it’s significant, and that is lane selection,” noted Les. 

Les also pointed out two other issues with FSD Beta 10.69.2: multilane turns and opposing turns in close succession. He noted that midterm, his car crosses lanes on 50% of attempts. 

Les also stated that his car was successful 50% of the time when taking succeeding turns in opposite directions. “If I have a right turn followed by a left (or vice versa), within a space of a half a block or less, the car at this point fails to get over in time or oddly moves in the opposite direction,” he noted. 

Dr. Rahaman also mentioned some issues with turns. He noted seeing improvements with left turns, but he also highlighted that his vehicle would perform left turns a bit aggressively.

“There’s another left turn, however, that’s a simple left turn from just crossing two lanes of traffic into my community—which is an unprotected left turn. I don’t like how it does that. I find that it gets very close to the incoming traffic, and at one point, it seems like it was just hesitating. I think I had to disengage because it seemed like it was moving forward, and traffic was coming,” Dr. Rahaman noted. 

Tesla FSD Beta Reviews 

Tesla FSD Beta is currently rolling out to more drivers. Plans are underway to roll out FSD Beta shortly after AI Day 2 next week. 

Les told Teslarati that there wasn’t any notable changes between 10.69.2, though there were still issues with lane selection. “If this lane selection problem can be solved, it will feel like a good step improvement for me,” he said. 

Beta tester Neeraj noted that FSD maintains the posted speed limit even during inclement weather, like while it’s raining, and at night or on curvy roads. He noted that it gets a little unnerving when FSD does not slow down during those appropriate times. Neeraj also noted that his vehicle took long to turn in areas with no traffic lights

Beta tester Howard also mentioned having trouble with turns since 10.69.2. “Turns at lights and stop signs way, way worse than 69.0!!!! Unusable in my area. Two times it almost caused an accident, once by stuttering and once by entering the opposing lane! Both times there was light traffic, 90-degree turn, good center, and fog lines, two lane road intersection another two lane road,” Howard told Teslarati.

FSD Beta 10.69.2 and Verdict

Overall, testers seem impressed with v10.69 updates thus far. Most of the testers who spoke with Teslarati highlighted that v10.69 significantly improved FSD Beta. A lot of the beta testers stated that they drive more confidently through residential streets after FSD Beta 10.69. 

However, a few did note that FSD might not be ready for a wider release by the end of the year. The main reason they believe FSD Beta isn’t ready for more drivers is because it still needs to be well-monitored. 

“I still have to be cautious though. I would not want it in the hands of individuals who will not be alert and ready to take control at a moment’s notice,” one beta tester noted.

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Tesla FSD Beta reviews from testers 
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