Tesla FSD Beta users report visualization bug in v10.69.2

Credit: @Andy8671025/Twitter

A number of Tesla FSD Beta users are reporting that their vehicles’ visualizations appear to have developed a bug following the v10.69.2 release. The in-vehicle visualization bug results in the infotainment system’s graphics dropping in and out of sync with real-time driving data, which could be quite annoying for drivers. 

The issue has been observed by some FSD Beta users, some of whom have noted that they have reported the visualization bug to Tesla. Longtime FSD Beta tester @brandonee916, for one, noted that when the issue happens, the camera visuals from his vehicle become pixelated. 

Considering that the issue has been reported by FSD Beta users, Tesla should be fully aware of the bug now. With this in mind, it would not be surprising if the issue gets promptly addressed by the electric vehicle maker in an upcoming FSD Beta update. 

As noted by Tesla software tracker service Teslascope, the visualization and camera bugs do not in any way impact the actual driving performance of FSD Beta. It also does not affect any vehicle functionality. Thus, the issue is more of an annoyance, especially for drivers who are already used to Tesla’s typical smooth software experience. 

Tesla FSD Beta is growing and improving at an impressive rate, so much so that the electric vehicle maker appears ready to bring the full capabilities of the advanced driver-assist system mainstream. In recent comments, Tesla’s Senior Director of Investor Relations Martin Viecha noted that Tesla could roll out “supervised” FSD to the fleet by the end of 2022. 

While a supervised version of FSD is not in any way fully autonomous, it would likely be one of the most advanced in the market when it gets released to Tesla’s fleet. This is because FSD includes several key features that make driving practically automated, from Navigate on Autopilot with Auto Lane Change to Automatic Driving in City Streets

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Tesla FSD Beta users report visualization bug in v10.69.2
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