Tesla “supervised” FSD could roll out to entire fleet by the end of 2022

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Earlier this year, Elon Musk forecasted that Tesla Full Self-Driving could be released to qualified vehicles by the end of 2022. Tesla’s Senior Director of Investor Relations Martin Viecha recently noted that the company was on track to release “supervised” FSD within Musk’s predicted timeline.

At an invite-only Goldman Sachs tech conference, Viecha provided information about Tesla’s plans for the next five years. He discussed Tesla’s battery supply, plans for a cheaper EV model, and finally “supervised” FSD, reported Insider

The Tesla executive explained that “supervised” FSD is basically “supervised autonomy,” meaning the driver is still an active participant in the car’s mobility. When Tesla widely releases Full Self-Driving at the end of the year, drivers must still pay attention to the road and follow proper driving practices. 

Viecha hinted that drivers who do not drive responsibly with FSD would lose access to the service, similar to how drivers in the FSD Beta program lose access to their advanced driver-assist systems when they drive irresponsibly. He added that Tesla collects more data from interventions, meaning the company learns more from drivers who actively correct Full Self-Driving’s movements. 

“We profoundly believe mass collection of data and AI is only way to solve generalized autonomy. That’s the path we’re taking,” Viecha said. 

Currently, Tesla FSD Beta is only available to 100,000 testers who passed the company’s Safety Score and other requirements. It recently rolled out update 10.69.2 to Beta testers. 

Elon Musk has stated that v10.69.2 should introduce significant improvements to FSD Beta. Some Teslarati readers who are in the program described some of the issues they still experience with the software, including phantom braking, problems with speed limits, and turns. However, some testers have also noted that the improvements that the Full Self-Driving Beta software have exhibited over the past months have been notable.

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Tesla “supervised” FSD could roll out to entire fleet by the end of 2022
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