Tesla battery was not the cause of a Model Y fire in Vancouver

Tesla battery was not the cause of a Model Y fire in Vancouver

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The battery of a Tesla Model Y was ruled out as the cause of a fire that happened in Vancouver, Canada. In May, the owner of a Tesla Model Y had to break his window to escape the vehicle after it unexpectedly shut down and caught on fire.

“The doors wouldn’t open. The windows wouldn’t go down,” Jamil Jutha told CTV News. “I kicked through the window, climbed out, and called 911 right away,” Jutha added.

Although many critics were quick to blame the high voltage Tesla battery as the cause of the fire, it has been ruled out as the cause. Even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) asked Tesla for information on the fire although it happened in Canada and not the U.S.

The agency is currently investigating around 416,000 Tesla Model Ys and 3s from the 2021 and 2022 Model years over phantom braking.

Transport Canada took possession of the burnt-out vehicle and confirmed with Drive Tesla Canada that the battery in the Model Y has been ruled out as a possible cause. The battery was ruled out as a cause following two joint inspections by Transport Canada’s inspectors and contracted investigators, representatives from Tesla, and several other officials for the provincial insurer, as well as the City of North Vancouver Fire Department investigator.

The investigation is still ongoing and so far, the exact cause of the fire hasn’t been determined. However, investigators found that the fire began in the left half of the dashboard or rather, “in the vicinity of the left body control module.”

The focus of the investigation has shifted to this area of the vehicle. Transport Canada said that “several components of interest from under the instrument panel have been removed for in-depth examination.” These include the left body control module and the steering column assembly. They also removed the vehicle’s computer which may contain recorded data.

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Tesla battery was not the cause of a Model Y fire in Vancouver
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