Tesla FSD Beta users will be able to turn off steering wheel nags this January

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A welcome update is coming to Tesla’s FSD Beta fleet this January. As recently confirmed by CEO Elon Musk, members of the FSD Beta program would soon have the option to turn off steering wheel nags while using the advanced driver-assist system. 

FSD Beta is Tesla’s most advanced driver-assist solution, and developing it is key to the company’s goal of achieving true autonomous driving. With this in mind, Tesla has been extremely cautious with FSD Beta’s use, to the point where users are constantly monitored to ensure that they are using the system in the proper manner. 

This was why it was no surprise that Tesla adopted steering wheel nags to check drivers’ attention when using FSD Beta. This was not a bad solution when FSD Beta was in its initial stages, but as the system’s performance saw notable improvements, steering wheel nags eventually became an annoyance for some testers. This has resulted in numerous FSD Beta testers asking Tesla to retire the steering wheel nag. 

This was especially the case since Tesla Vision already uses the in-cabin camera to check if a driver is paying attention to the road or not. Thus, some FSD Beta users have argued that improving Tesla Vision’s in-cabin camera driver checks is likely a better solution than maintaining the use of steering wheel nags. 

Fortunately, Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to be on the same page. While responding to a tweet from longtime FSD Beta tester @WholeMarsBlog, who noted that testers with more than 10,000 miles on FSD Beta should have the option to turn off steering wheel nags, Musk noted that he agreed with the FSD Beta tester’s sentiments. Musk stated that an update to address this concern would be coming this January

With the option to turn off steering wheel nags, FSD Beta users could essentially have a hands-off driving experience. This is a notable change, and it hints at Tesla’s increasing confidence in its advanced driver-assist system. The update, however, would likely be rolled out only to vehicles that are equipped with an in-cabin camera, so FSD Beta users with older Model S and Model X — which have no camera in the cabin — may still have to settle for steering wheel nags. 

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Tesla FSD Beta users will be able to turn off steering wheel nags this January
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