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Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 makes incident reports so much easier

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Tesla appears to be making it easier for members of the FSD Beta fleet to report issues with the performance of their advanced driver-assist system. As per the release notes of FSD Beta V11.3, voice drive-notes can now be sent to Tesla as a way to report issues with Autopilot. 

Added voice drive-notes. After an intervention, you can now send Tesla an anonymous voice message describing your experience to help improve Autopilot,” Tesla wrote in V11.3’s release notes.

Tesla had previously implemented a system that allowed testers to send a “snapshot” to the company when the advanced driver-assist system does something wrong. Speculations among avid Tesla watchers back then suggested that the “snapshots” sent to Tesla were likely about 10 or so seconds of driving footage. 

Last October, however, observations from the Tesla community noted that the electric vehicle maker appears to have disabled manual triggers for FSD Beta incident reports, at least for some testers. This was met by polarizing reactions from FSD Beta users, some of whom argued that manual reports from drivers provided valuable feedback for the real-world performance of the advanced driver-assist system. 

The voice drive-notes for V11.3 provide drivers with a convenient way to report issues that are observed with FSD Beta. Such a system would likely generate a substantial amount of pertinent data for Tesla, especially since FSD Beta V11.3 is already utilizing a single software stack for both highways and inner city streets. Tesla’s “bug report” system for its vehicles’ observed faults also use a similar reporting system, with owners sending a short voice message to the company with their observations. 

With Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 reportedly rolling out to employee testers, it might only be a matter of time before the update is pushed to the company’s larger fleet of testers. Once this is done, it would not be long before the performance of Tesla’s first single-stack FSD version gets shared and scrutinized by the entire auto industry. 

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Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 makes incident reports so much easier
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