Anti-Tesla activists occupying forest near Giga Berlin are preparing for potential eviction

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Environmental activists who are occupying a forest near Tesla Giga Berlin in Grünheide, Germany, are making preparations for a potential eviction. The forest occupiers’ camp is approved only until Friday, March 15, 2024.

A spokesperson for the “Stop Tesla” initiative noted on Tuesday that workshops are planned for March 12 and 13 to prepare occupants of the protest camp for a potential eviction. The protesters need to prepare themselves, as experience has reportedly shown that evictions place significant psychological and physical strain on those involved, as noted in a BZ report. 

“It’s really stressful,” the “Stop Tesla” spokesperson noted. 

In light of the arson attack against a power pylon that resulted in Giga Berlin and several districts losing power, Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach has announced that he intends to reassess the protest camp’s status. Demonstrations against Tesla are nothing new, after all, but the alleged arson attack against Giga Berlin affected even medical facilities in the area. 

The group occupying the forest has claimed that they are not in any way connected to the alleged arson attack against Giga Berlin, as noted in a Stuttgarter Nachrichten report. As per the “Stop Tesla” group, they simply want to keep supporting local residents who oppose the expansion of Giga Berlin. 

A police spokesperson noted on Tuesday that they are still determining how to proceed with the forest occupiers’ camp. The police spokesperson did not indicate when a decision for the matter could be expected. 

Despite Giga Berlin grinding to a halt due to the suspected arson attack, the Grünheide-based Tesla Model Y factory gained back its power supply sooner than expected. This was largely due to the work of local grid operator E.DIS, which pushed hard to repair the damage caused by the incident. Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg Manufacturing Senior Director Andre Thierig shared the update on LinkedIn. 

“The power supply to the Gigafactory has been restored for a few minutes now. The measures to restart production are now running at full speed under all safety precautions. It will certainly take some time before we have fully resumed production, but the most important step has been taken! Power ON. Many thanks to E.DIS for the quick restart and to all those involved and especially our employees for their support over the last few days,” Thierig wrote. 

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Anti-Tesla activists occupying forest near Giga Berlin are preparing for potential eviction
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