Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla gets praise from German Chancellor Merkel on Giga Berlin progress

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s Giga Berlin project is moving at lightning speed, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is extremely impressed.

Merkel was interviewed by German media outlet Märkische Allgemeine Friday, where she expressed her content feelings toward Tesla’s fast-moving project known as “Giga Berlin.” Tesla started construction on the facility in January 2020, and the site is coming together a little more every day. Several buildings have been erected in what seems like record time.

“I am pleased that Brandeburg shows with Tesla how you can enforce things in a short time with our laws and funding opportunities,” Merkel said in the interview.

The site has come together quickly in 2020. With a planned start date in July 2021, Tesla will produce the Model Y crossover initially.

However, the ability of Tesla and the German government to expedite the construction process is what Merkel is impressed with. Tesla encountered several roadblocks through the first nine months of the year, but it still did not hinder the progress of the facility thus far.

After some local residents expressed environmental concerns, the ground leveling process was put on hold for several days in the first quarter of 2020. After the local government granted permission, Tesla was given the green light to resume operations.

Then, COVID-19 hit Germany, and the process was halted for another short period. This did not end the construction process, but rather a local “town hall-style” meeting that allowed local citizens to express concerns that the project could bring to the area. Some were worried about the facility’s water use, others about the construction noise.

However, Tesla did what it could to alleviate these concerns from citizen’s minds. Noise measurement devices were installed to keep local residents happy, and Tesla is not going to use as much water as initially thought.

“Protest and objection are part of the essence of democracy,” Merkel said when asked about the concerns. Anyone who believed that the suburbs of Berlin were ideal for living because there would certainly never be any industry located there, of course, wonders what that means for them.”

Since the concerns have been voiced and taken care of, buildings at the site have appeared quickly. Tesla used pre-fabricated construction builds at an off-site facility to expedite the process of putting a building together. Portions of the building were put together away from the Giga Berlin property, and then transported and installed as needed.

Giga Berlin’s presence will help Tesla establish a long-term EV production plan in Europe, where electric cars are extremely popular.

H/t: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Tesla gets praise from German Chancellor Merkel on Giga Berlin progress
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