Tesla critics Nabu and Green League are considering a lawsuit against Giga Berlin

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg may have already finished its inaugural Model Y deliveries with CEO Elon Musk, but the facility’s critics do not seem to have any intentions of giving up just yet. Just recently, environmental groups Nabu and the Green League have stated that they are considering filing a lawsuit against Giga Berlin.

The Nabu and the Green League have filed an objection to Tesla Giga Berlin’s approval, though they wish to examine the facility’s documents first. The groups are demanding access to Tesla’s application documents for the electric vehicle production facility, according to Christiane Schröder from Nabu. 

The two environmental groups have accused the State Office for the Environment of “delaying or refusing” the submission of application documents. The groups do not believe that they are up to date with Giga Berlin’s applications. As a result, the groups’ inspections of the electric vehicle maker’s files must be enforced using appeals. 

The Nabu and the Green League have been a thorn on Tesla’s side during the construction and permitting process for Gigafactory Berlin, with both organizations consistently calling for a halt in the buildout of the facility. The groups have taken aim at several aspects of Gigafactory Berlin over the years, from its water requirements to how incidents in the electric vehicle production facility are reported, to name but a few. 

While Gigafactory Berlin is now allowed to start delivering the Made-in-Germany Model Y to customers, there is still a long way ahead for the facility to be fully ramped. Tesla must still hire a significant number of employees for the site, and it must also complete other facilities in the complex such as a battery plant, which would likely produce 4680 cells similar to those that will be used for the Made-in-Texas Model Y. 

During his speech at Giga Berlin’s first Model Y delivery event, CEO Elon Musk hinted that the facility would not just be producing cars. Tesla will also be making energy storage devices on the site. “We will also be making storage devices. This will be very important to enable the storage of renewable energy. We are extremely confident that the world can transition to a sustainable energy future – with a combination of solar, wind, storage, and electric cars,” Musk said. 

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Tesla critics Nabu and Green League are considering a lawsuit against Giga Berlin
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