Tesla Model S Plaid spotted being benchmarked by General Motors

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A Tesla Model S Plaid has been spotted being benchmarked by General Motors. This suggests that the veteran American automaker is getting pretty serious in its modern electric vehicle program. 

GM’s rollout of its modern electric vehicles has been quite deliberate, with the company only selling 26 battery-electric cars in the fourth quarter of 2021. Yet the company has plans to launch 30 new EV models by the 2025 calendar year. Achieving such a goal would require GM to put the pedal to the metal in its efforts to develop and release its modern electric vehicle lineup. 

It is then quite unsurprising to see the veteran automaker benchmarking the Tesla Model S Plaid as part of its EV efforts. GM, after all, would have to contend with the Model S Plaid at the top end of the EV segment. Images of the flagship Tesla sedan as it was being benchmarked by GM were shared by motoring outlet GM Authority

The Model S Plaid is Tesla’s fastest vehicle, with its three electric motors and all-wheel-drive setup that produces 1,020 horsepower straight out of the factory. This is enough to launch the premium electric sedan from zero to sixty in less than two seconds under optimum drag strip conditions. But even without this, the Model S Plaid is still capable of completing the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds, faster than actual supercars. 

GM has not announced its rival to the Tesla Model S Plaid, though speculations are high that the veteran automaker would likely utilize its Cadillac brand as a way to rival the leading American electric vehicle maker. Among Cadillac’s potential rivals to the Model S Plaid may be the Celestiq, which is expected to be an ultra-luxurious all-electric sedan that shares some styling cues from the Lyriq, which would be competing with the Tesla Model Y. 

Similar to the Lyriq, the Celestiq is expected to feature hidden headlights and two large intakes in front. The vehicle’s interior is expected to be luxurious, with handcrafted materials and a glass roof that features programmable transparency. According to Cadillac, the Celestiq’s four-quadrant glass is among the unique ways the Celestiq could provide a unique, individual experience for each of its passengers.

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Tesla Model S Plaid spotted being benchmarked by General Motors
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