Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s latest round of objections rejected by German Court

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Tesla recently achieved a small victory for Gigafactory Berlin after a court in Germany rejected an injunction filed by two environmental groups against the facility. The groups, the Green League and Nature Conservation Association, were against the release of Giga Berlin’s 15th provisional permit, which would allow the company to test its equipment at the electric vehicle production site.  

The court in Frankfurt an der Oder, in the state of Brandenburg announced its decision on Tuesday, dealing yet another loss for groups looking to delay and perhaps even cancel the launch of Gigafactory Berlin. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency granted the provisional permit in question to Tesla at the beginning of June, which effectively gave the company permission to hold limited functional tests of its equipment at the electric car production facility. 

This provisional permit did not sit well with the Green League and the Nature Conservation Association, both of whom were adamant that the advance approval should not have been granted. The groups appealed to the State Environment Agency, citing safety concerns about the facility, though these efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful. 

As per the court, “it was not evident that the function tests, which were limited in time, would pose dangers within the meaning of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance that could no longer be accepted in the general interest.” The court also mentioned that the groups opposing Giga Berlin now did not take action when the facility’s previous provisional permits were released. Instead, the groups seemed to have waited “until large parts of the project had already been built, and the essential systems and equipment had been installed.”

Gigafactory Berlin’s Phase 1 building is all but completed, and sightings from drone flyovers of the facility indicate that Tesla is now starting some tests of its vehicle production equipment. One of these flyovers sighted some primed Model Y bodies, which suggested that Tesla may now be looking to test Gigafactory Berlin’s paint shop. This bodes well for the upcoming facility, especially as CEO Elon Musk has noted in the past that Tesla’s next-generation paint technology would debut at the Germany-based electric car factory. 

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s latest round of objections rejected by German Court
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