Tesla Giga Berlin welcomes Cybertruck on its first trip to Europe

Credit: Mohammed Arshad/LinkedIn

Tesla Giga Berlin bounced back from an alleged arson attack seemingly stronger and better than ever. This was mentioned by CEO Elon Musk during his visit to the facility last week, when he noted that Tesla will not be stopped. Seemingly highlighting this idea, Tesla Giga Berlin recently welcomed the company’s toughest vehicle to date — the Cybertruck, which has arrived in Europe for the first time. 

Photos uploaded by Tesla employees and other EV enthusiasts on LinkedIn show that a Cybertruck was unboxed at Giga Berlin. The interest from the facility’s employees was palpable in the images, with Giga Berlin workers checking out the Cybertruck even before it was fully unboxed. Other images shared online hinted that crowds eventually formed around the Cybertruck, many of whom were taking photos of the all-electric pickup truck. 

The attention surrounding the Cybertruck is no surprise, considering that the vehicle really does stand out, even among futuristic cars like the rest of Tesla’s EV lineup. With its sharp edges and innovative tech, the Cybertruck is truly a sight to behold — a sight that Giga Berlin’s employees seemed to appreciate when the vehicle arrived at the facility. 

The fact that the Cybertruck was brought over to Giga Berlin is quite interesting, as Tesla has been pretty quiet about whether the all-electric pickup truck would be sold in Europe. Then again, this would not be the first time that Tesla brought the Cybertruck to a market that has no release date for the vehicle. Earlier this year, Tesla also brought over the Cybertruck to China, where it attracted crowds upon crowds of EV enthusiasts across multiple cities in the country. 

Tesla Giga Berlin seems determined to prove that it was not shaken at all by the recent alleged arson attack against the company. In a post on X, Tesla Manufacturing’s official account shared a short video of Tesla employees from Giga Berlin unfurling a massive banner at the facility’s entrance. The message in the banner is short and to the point — “We are Giga; We are the future.”

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Tesla Giga Berlin welcomes Cybertruck on its first trip to Europe
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