Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted with carbon fiber dash

Credit: @watts_up/Tesla Motors Club

An upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance that was spotted in the wild has revealed something quite special. As can be seen in photos of the vehicle, the upcoming Model 3 Performance seems to be equipped with a carbon fiber dash. 

The new upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance was sighted in San Francisco by Tesla Motors Club (TMC) member Watts_Up, who observed that the vehicle in question was fitted with 19″ tires. The TMC member was able to take several photos of the vehicle, which was a white prototype with camouflage covers in its front and rear. 

Interestingly enough, the vehicle spotted by the TMC member did not seem to have been produced at the Fremont Factory. This was hinted at by its VIN, which was listed as “LRW3E7ET8PCR00287.” A “C” in a Tesla’s VIN suggests that the vehicle was manufactured in Gigafactory Shanghai, China. For context, Tesla Model 3 units that are produced at the Fremont Factory should have an “F” in its 11th digit.

While the photos taken by the TMC member are quite simple, one would find it difficult to argue that the carbon fiber dash and sports bucket seats really give the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance a distinct look compared to the all-electric sedan’s regular Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) variants. Having a carbon fiber dash and bucket seats also highlights the notion that the upgraded Model 3 Performance is designed for intensive driving. 

Credit: Watts_Up/Tesla Motors Club

The release of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance seems to be at hand. Late last month, two fully uncovered upgraded Model 3 Performance units were spotted in Valencia, Spain, for an apparent advertisement. Some aspects of the vehicles stood out at the time, such as new aero wheels and a dedicated Ludicrous badge at the rear. 

There is quite a lot of excitement surrounding the upgraded Tesla Model 3. The vehicle, after all, is arguably Tesla’s most fun and bang-for-the-buck performance car. It’s smaller and lighter than the Model S Plaid, making it more nimble, and it’s faster than its larger sibling, the Model Y Performance. Prior to its removal from the company’s order pages, the Model 3 Performance was also Tesla’s most affordable performance car. 

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Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted with carbon fiber dash
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