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Tesla mulls EV production plant near new Mexico City airport

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Tesla’s next electric vehicle production plant could end up near the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), according to Mexican officials.

Mexican Presidential Spokesman Jesus Ramirez said, “Tesla is looking at investing in that area to take advantage of AIFA,” as it could allow the company to export by air travel.

“Tesla will invest there…in an assembly plant, to export directly by air,” he told El Heraldo de Mexico (via Reuters).

The airport supports both passenger and commercial applications. Currently, the airport only supports international cargo routes to Los Angeles. However, a report from Mexico Business said Jorge Nuño, Minister of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation, is already preparing for an expansion of the airport that would support higher logistics rates. The airport is negotiating with Mexican and foreign airlines to increase cargo activity.

Tesla has rumoredly been considering multiple locations across the world for its next electric vehicle manufacturing plant, including locations in Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, and South Korea.

A look at Tesla’s potential new Gigafactory locations: Mexico, Canada, Indonesia or South Korea

However, Mexico seems to have taken over as the new facility’s frontrunner. Although it seemed Tesla would build a new manufacturing plant in Canada last year, Mexico has had several locations become potential landing spots for the new Gigafactory.

It has been widely speculated that Tesla would build a plant in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, and the automaker was reportedly close to finalizing a deal on the plant in December. Announcements were hinted at, but nothing was ever made official.

If Tesla is, in fact, looking to take advantage of AIFA for air-based exporting, the plant would actually end up in the state of Mexico, which is one of the 32 federal entities in the United Mexican States. While Nuevo Leon is located just below Texas, the State of Mexico is located centrally and further South.

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Tesla’s plant could end up in the T-MexPark, which is strategically placed to put businesses in the proper conditions for logistics. According to the T-MexPark website, it allows the following advantages for companies:

  • Connectivity with toll highways.
  • Connectivity with the area with the highest consumption in the country, without payment of tolls for the delivery phase of the last mile.
  • Connectivity with the three railway concessionaires.
  • Connectivity with the main ports and borders.

Last year, it was discovered that Tesla had a dedicated and exclusive lane at the U.S.-Mexico border crossing near Laredo, Texas, to expedite logistics routes and supply chain.

“What we want is a crossing that’s much more expedited and efficient,” Ivan Rivas, the Economy Minister of Nuevo León, said to Bloomberg. And maybe there will be a lane for other companies in the future like there is for Tesla.”

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Tesla mulls EV production plant near new Mexico City airport
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