Tesla closing in on Nuevo Leon, Mexico factory announcement: report

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Just this past October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made news when he was photographed visiting Nuevo León, Mexico. During the trip, Musk reportedly spoke with Governor Samuel García and US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar, among others. The trip prompted speculations that Tesla may be looking to establish a dedicated facility in the area. 

Governor Garcia later noted that Musk’s visit to Nuevo Leon was “not by chance.” He also highlighted that Nuevo Leon is a job creation powerhouse in Mexico that attracts high-profile investors. “I’m very optimistic and very happy about what’s coming for our state – that’s why the richest people in the world come here. It’s not by chance. In Nuevo León, as always, we must be an example of how to do things,” Garcia said. 

If a recent report from Milenioone of Mexico’s major national newspapers, is accurate, it would seem that Tesla would indeed be coming to the state. Citing a document that it reportedly reviewed, the publication noted that Tesla’s investment could very well be finalized in the coming weeks. This suggests that an announcement for the potential Tesla facility could be coming soon. 

“Tesla will arrive in Santa Catarina (Nuevo León). The investment will be finalized in the coming weeks and announced after year-end,” the document reportedly read. 

While very few details about the project have been teased, the publication noted that the upcoming Tesla facility would assemble cargo trucks. The vehicles will reportedly be built in a strategic quadrant in the municipality of Santa Catarina, about 38 minutes away from downtown Monterrey, Nuevo León. It should be noted that Santa Catarina also happens to be just around seven hours away by car from Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility. 

Interestingly enough, a source reportedly informed the publication that the land for the upcoming Tesla facility had already been bought. However, due to a nondisclosure agreement, details of the transaction, such as the identity of the owner of the land where the facility would be built, are yet to be released. 

In a way, a Tesla facility in Nuevo Leon makes sense. A number of Tesla suppliers already operate facilities in the area. Nuevo Leon has also been particularly supportive of the EV maker, with the state government announcing in August that Tesla would have an exclusive lane at the US-Mexico border to facilitate trade with local suppliers. 

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Tesla closing in on Nuevo Leon, Mexico factory announcement: report
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