Tesla Giga Shanghai ramping: Model 3 and Model Y wait times reduced again

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Tesla Giga Shanghai’s upgrades to its production line earlier this quarter seem to be paying off in spades. As per recent updates to Tesla’s order pages in China, the estimated wait times of the domestically-made Model 3 and Model Y have been reduced by six weeks.

Apart from the base RWD Model Y, which is currently listed with an estimated delivery time of 1-4 weeks, all of Tesla’s vehicles that are produced in China have seen adjustments to their estimated wait times. These updates were rolled out not long after the electric vehicle maker cut the wait time for the base Model Y, one of its best-selling vehicles.

With the updates in place, the base RWD Model 3 and the Model 3 Performance are now listed with an estimated delivery date of 6-10 weeks. While this is by no means as short as the wait times for the entry-level RWD Model Y, it is substantially shorter than the vehicles’ previous estimates, which were listed at 12-16 weeks.

The Model Y Long Range, on the other hand, is now listed with an expected delivery date of 10-14 weeks, while the Model Y Performance is listed with an estimated wait time of 6-10 weeks. Previously, the Model Y Long Range had an estimated delivery timeframe of 16-20 weeks, while the Model Y Performance was listed with a wait time of 12-16 weeks.

Tesla China has not adjusted the prices of any Model 3 and Model Y variants so far.

A good reason behind the shorter wait times for the Model 3 and Model Y in China is the production line upgrades that have been rolled out to Gigafactory Shanghai earlier this quarter. Thanks to these upgrades, expectations are now high that the facility could produce about 3,000 vehicles per day. This effectively makes Giga Shanghai Tesla’s largest electric vehicle plant by output.

Apart from this, Tesla China also allots the latter half of every quarter for domestic orders. Since Giga Shanghai has already focused on exports during the first half of Q3 2022, Tesla China is now at a point where its resources are solely focused on local orders. These may help reduce the wait times associated with Model 3 and Model Y orders for the local market.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai ramping: Model 3 and Model Y wait times reduced again
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